senaman pipi :DD
Khamis, 23 Jun 2011 | 3:58 PTG | 0 comments
I was born inteelligent,
education ruined me!!

practice makes perfect
but nobody's perfect
so why practice?

how come" abbreviated" is such a long word?

never put off the work till 2moro
that u cn put off 2dy

ur future depends on ur dreams
so.. go 2 sleep!!

a bus station is whre a bus stops
a train station is whre a train stops
on my desk.i've a work station
wht more cn i say......

the person who created the alphabets was a genius
but he made mistake by keeping u and i so far apart

positive thinking is like this..
a little bird in the sky..u look up n it shits in ur eye
u dont mind n u dont cry
u just thnk God that cows dont fly!!

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